Blog Post
October 16, 2016

Phase 2 of Mybenz has been in existence for 11 years since 2005, going through thicks and thins , but never lose focus to provide the platform for benzers to share knowledge, we thank you all members for that.

All the years we have seen the friendship blooms and we lost count on how many benz groups have  been formed since , but the knowledge sharing still continue to this day, especially amongst the key members. Whatsapp,facebook, instagram  are the order of the day, therefore the forum has been less frequented. We understand that, but we hope members will still use this platform to share the necessary knowledge for all members to learn.

The initial objective was to list as many trusted workshops ( autogarage ) so as  to help members to get best value for their money each time . It is still an ongoing  exercise, plenty of fine-tuning needed to achieve that objective .

Going forward we are preparing a ground for members to list their businesses starting with restaurants and homestays. The idea is to have a meeting place for all benzers nationwide and at the same time supporting benzers businesses. It has come to our knowledge that benzers are travelling a lot, thus it will be nice to meet other benzers at some benzers place. :)

All the entities will be shown on a map, currently no differentiation been made between the business categories, but as the list grow, we will do some color coding to separate them.