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October 18, 2016

Auxilliary Fan Little DIY

The problem started last week during a trip to Johor, engine temperature reached 100 Deg Celcius in town traffic.

I pulled over and park at the nearest petrol station, and I noticed the auxilliary fan was not running ( aircond was ON ). The rule of thumb is, aircond ON, auxilliary fan will spin, at various speed depending on the signal from compressor.

Its about 10 pm, and was looking for hotel room, cancelled the plan and drive back home, with aircond OFF .


I did some experiment with yesterday ,

1. Remove the plastic grill, simply unscrew the plastic screws in red circles.


2. Check the wiring connections, this is the basic shaking and hand pressing, I did not do anything spectacular here, not even disconnecting the plug. Suddenly the spurring sound of the fan running again.

3. Test drive for 20 km, and the temperature hovering between 75-85 deg celcius, which is good.

I'm quite happy with the result.

The only thing is, the wire connector is getting so hot, barely touchable when the aux fan is running. This is an opportunity for further troubleshooting, or is it normal? I'm worry of courting fire if left unattended.

I have reconstructed the connector using black tapes and cable tie since the original one had fractured and broken to pieces when I tried to loosen them, only one side remain intact.

However no more heating at the connection, as it was before. No heat at all infact. I will look for the original connector at kedai potong, or spare part shop later. For now I will have to live with this.

Thanks very very much for the advice Bro Exidus, the resistant will result in heat,so true, everyone should take a note ,